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Optimal employee selection – the doorway to your success

Are you looking for the best employees? You need to use the best strategy. Put your staff recruitment process in expert hands.

We seek out our candidates via social networks, internal databases and ads individually designed for you. Our speciality is the recruitment of multilingual specialists. In a face-to-face interview, we explore the individual’s skills, development potential and aspirations, check their employment history and credentials, individually assess the candidate’s foreign language proficiency and examine the profile of candidates’ social networks.

Working in Zurich and the surrounding area, we recruit commercial staff for the following fields: 

  • Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant

  • Team Assistant / Secretarial

  • Clerical / Administration

  • Finance / Accounting and Controlling

  • Purchasing / Sales

  • Import / Export

  • Marketing / Key Account Management

  • Technical sales people

Optimal employee selection – the doorway to your success

Search on a success basis – fees only upon successful placement

You only pay if we succeed in placing a candidate with you. There is no charge from Optima Personal until a contract is signed between your company and a candidate put forward by us. Fees are payable only in the event of successful placement. 

Our service includes:

  • Creating text for attractive job ads and coordination of media planning
  • Sector-specific direct search using internal database

  • Recruitment via social networks

  • Testing foreign language skills

  • We relieve you of the burden of time-consuming interviews and obtaining pertinent reference information
  • Negotiating pre-determined salary limits

  • Professional, timely and value-for-money advice

Search on a mandate basis – discreet search for high achievers
Do you need to discreetly find a replacement staff member? Discretion and confidentiality have been our trademark since 1994. Our experience is your advantage.

The mandate-based search includes the following services:

  • Recruitment via social networks
  • Direct search using internal database

  • Possibility of discreet candidate meetings at our offices on Limmatquai

  • Regular updates on the job applicant and market situations

  • Obtaining pertinent reference information and conducting language tests

  • Exclusivity of candidates

  • Individualised interviews conducted using the multi-modal interview (MMI) approach – we discuss jointly what topics are to be included as modules within the interview

  • Professional, timely and value-for money advice

  • Fees: as for the success-based search, with fixed-cost amount which is paid back on placement

Temporary placement and payrolling – fast and professional

With temporary placements, we seek out the right employee for you, hire that person and lease him or her to you for a temporary assignment. We handle all administrative aspects for you.

With payrolling, candidates recruited by you are hired by us and leased to you for an assignment for a specified period. We handle all administrative aspects, as with temporary placements.

Benefits of a temporary Placement:

  • No administrative effort for you (payroll accounting, employee benefits, job references)
  • Time and cost savings in your HR department

  • Notice period of 2 days during the first 3 months

  • Cost reduction, as only hours actually worked are charged

  • No need to provide sick pay in the event of illness or accident (will be dealt with by us)

  • Fast and professional provision of candidates

  • Suitable candidates may be taken on in a permanent capacity

  • Effective budgeting

Benefits of payrolling:

  • Cost-effective: low-priced factor calculation
  • see ‘Benefits of temporary placement’

We would be delighted to explain our detailed procedure to you in an in-depth meeting, or send you the full documentation on our service offer, with no obligation. Optima Personal guarantees open and professional advice. 

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